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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Hits Los Angeles

Famous Chef Jamie Oliver is taking his ‘Food Revolution’ to Los Angeles. Jamie’s first season of Food Revolution was set in Huntington, West Virginia, and ended up winning and Emmy. Now it’s Los Angeles’ turn. Good choice Jamie.

He has been talking to families who would like to take part in his spring TV series and is opening a kitchen in Westwood, Los Angeles on Wednesday. He’s also speaking at the annual meeting of the California School Nutrition Association.

Jamie has said that he’s having trouble getting into L.A’s public school cafeterias. Los Angeles School District has so far refused his request to set his show in its cafeterias, no doubt out of fear of being embarrassed on television. It is true that reality tv needs a bit of drama and conflict, so that could indeed end up being the source of some of it in this series.

Jamie Oliver’s stated goal of his Food Revolution is to encourage people to eat more fresh food to improve their health, which we here at THE9BILLION heartily approve of. After all, it’s all part of trying to achieve a happier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Jamie doesn’t have to embark on this mission he’s on; other celebrity chefs haven’t. He could continue to be successful as a tv chef without doing it, but he continues to use his celebrity to push the boundaries of what might be possible in terms of improved public health. And what better place to go than to the United States, right? As Jamie Oliver said in his TED talk last year, the United States is currently one of the most unhealthy countries in the world.

Jamie Oliver does seem to have a way of bringing people around to his way of thinking. We hope he manages to continue to do this in Los Angeles, influencing millions more people along the way!

If you haven’t seen Jamie Oliver’s TED award speech, check it out, it’s really worth watching.

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