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Republicans Attack Obama’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Plan

Republicans in the House of Representatives have started the year by introducing several bills that would strip the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of it’s power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

US Capitol Building

Three bills have been tabled, all aiming to stop the Obama Administration and the EPA from regulating emissions from vehicles, power plants and industrial facilities, using the Clean Air Act already in existence.

One bill aims to amend the Clean Air Act to prohibit the regulation of greenhouse gases under the legislation. Another would block the EPA from drawing funds to implement and enforce regulations relating to emissions.

Yet another aims to delay efforts to regulate emissions by at least two years. As the U.S. is the second biggest emitting country (recently replaced as number one by China), this is two years the world can ill afford to lose.

As ClimateBiz points out, the three bills represent the first shots in what threatens to become a “ferocious battle” between Republicans and Democrats over the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Republicans seek to roll back regulations they believe will damage the already downtrodden economy, and drive up fossil fuel energy costs. In addition, the beginning of the 12th Congress also featured the official closure of the Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming, the only body dedicated to addressing climate change.

Not much to cheer about there for those of us wanting to see and cleaner, greener world; one that is willing to make some tough decisions and tackle climate change head on. It has to happen sooner or later, so when will it?

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Via ClimateBiz
Image CC licensed by Kevin Burkett

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