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Good Idea: Joggers Run Errands For Immobile People In Need

The Good Gym

Well here’s a simple yet good idea. It’s one of those, “why hasn’t anybody thought of that before?”, ideas.

The concept behind The Good Gym in London is that if you are going to go for a jog, at the same time why not run an errand for someone less mobile than yourself, who could really do with the help? Double the benefit of the run.

The organization matches joggers up with less mobile people in their own neighborhood, to help run errands and other acts of human kindness. Joggers commit to just one run per week.

Not only does it help the people who need errands run for them, it’s another incentive to get off the couch and do some regular exercise. Additionally, if you are a busy person who would like to do some volunteer work to help your community, and don’t have time to work out as well, this could be the answer. It makes total sense, and seems to be working well.

The idea has been in the process of being tested over the past couple of years. It was submitted to the Social Innovation Camp in December 2008 and won first prize.

Can you see this idea spreading to other places around the world?

Here’s a video report about the The Good Gym from the BBC

I see the @goodgym is also on Twitter, if you’d like to connect with them there.

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