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Smart House Monitors Your Health And Learns From You

InterHome Smart House – University of Hertfordshire

Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K. have been working on a smart house system that is designed to learn from the people living in it.

At the touch of a screen, the smart house will be able to go into a kind of energy efficient sleep mode when you leave for work. The house will be able to text you if someone is breaking in, or if you’ve left a door unlocked. You’ll be able to monitor your smart house online or via smartphone.

The system is designed to learn from your living habits, becoming more efficient as it learns. It’ll monitor when and where you usually have lights turned on and off, learn when you use the most power, and when you’re home and when you’re not.

The system also has various sensors that can take your temperature and pulse. This has been developed with elderly people in mind. The house can send alerts if someone in the house has had a fall or is having a stroke, for instance.

Researchers will continue to add new technologies based on assisted living. The system is being installed into show homes for trials and testing.

Here’s a video with more info about the InterHome system, which was developed using a doll’s house. Hopefully it’ll work well in the real thing too!

via cnet
Image from the above video – University of Hertfordshire

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