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Yet Another Controversial New PETA Super Bowl Ad [Video]

PETA Veggie Love

Here we go again. PETA has continued their tradition of producing controversial Super Bowl ads that are destined to be rejected by major networks, which doesn’t seem difficult by the way.

Last year’s “Veggie Love” ad was rejected by NBC, even though $3 million was on the table from PETA to air it.

This year PETA has compiled the embedded Super Bowl 2011 ad from “outtakes” of the casting call for the 2010 ad. No doubt this was inspired by the “Behind the Scenes” video that accompanied last year’s ad.

This latest PETA ad depicts scantly clad women displaying their love for various vegetables, by rubbing said veges on their bikini-clad bodies. Calculatedly controversial, yet somehow predictable.

Yes, of course PETA is desperately attempting to continue to court controversy. Of course they want to get the ad rejected, or “banned” as they said last year. It’ll get posted on blogs and shared far and wide online, and they won’t have to pay a dime for air time. Mission accomplished.

What are your thoughts on PETA’s approach to advertising the benefits of going veggie? Is it helping convert people to vegetarianism?

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