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Groupon ‘Save The Money’ Super Bowl Ads [Video]: WTF?

Liz Hurley Groupon Ad

Groupon, the super-fast growing group buying website, has posted its Super Bowl 2011 ads. The embedded ads promote the company by using celebrities such as Liz Hurley, Timothy Hutton and Cuba Gooding Junior to poke fun at serious issues such as rainforest deforestation, Tibet and dwindling whale numbers.

The accompanying Save The Money campaign site also allows you to make donations to organizations such as Greenpeace, The Tibet Fund, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and buildOn. If you make a donation of $15 to Greenpeace, you’ll receive an equal amount in Groupon credit; so really, the company is making the donation on your behalf. If you donate $15 to RAN, a matching donation will be made on your behalf.

What’s your initial reaction to the ads and donation idea? Distasteful or funny? Clever or Lame? A nice idea or a cheap (well expensive) trick just to sell even more stuff?

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