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Sweden’s Unique Tree Hotel: Taking Tree Hugging To A New Level [Video]

Tree Hotel Sweden

Here’s a quick look at a unique new Tree Hotel in Sweden. The hotel opened last year with just 4 rooms but the owners plan to eventually have 24 rooms designed by 24 different architects, within 5 years.

According to the website, rooms now include Mirror Cube (pictured above), The Cabin, The Bird’s Nest, The UFO, A Room with a View and The Blue Cone.

When planning the hotel, the owners asked themselves (to be said in a Swedish accent),

Why not create a comfortable, well designed hotel which allows visitors to live in harmony with nature amongst the trees?

That initial idea is fast becoming a reality in a remote village in northern Sweden. The hotel is aimed at design and eco conscious travelers. Every tree room has its own living and sleeping areas. Each room is also equipped with its own state of the art eco-friendly incineration toilet and water efficient hand basin.

An aim is to make the tree rooms as eco-friendly as possible. For the cold Swedish winter, each room has an electric under-floor heating system which is supplied by an “eco-friendly source of energy”.

And in case you were wondering, the Mirror Cube, which is covered with mirrored glass and almost invisible in the forest, is also covered with a special film that is visible to birds.

Another great green building project. I’d certainly like to stay there to see what it’s like literally living amongst the trees. I wonder if they have many forest fires in Sweden? If so, you’d have to watch out for that in the summer.

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