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Nature: 10 Amazing Spiders Found By You [Images]


We had a BIG huntsman spider living with us recently. It was really fast and hard to catch, so it was with us for about a week or so. I’d just about given up on catching it and had almost accepted that we had a new pet, almost.

I must admit, I do have somewhat of an irrational fear of spiders. I think many of us do. I’m trying to get over it.

After that experience, I thought I might take a look and see what kind of other spiders people have found in their vicinity. Turns out there’s an astonishing array of amazing spiders out there that people have found.

If you’ve found and photographed an interesting one in your vicinity, do feel free leave us a link to it in the comments.

Also, can you name any of the spiders in the pictures? I certainly have no idea what most of them are!

spider on a tableImage CC licensed by conskeptical

spider-skyImage CC licensed by Orin Zebest

spider-handImage CC licensed by jynxzero

spider - black and yellowImage CC licensed by clip works

spider - marbledImage CC licensed by Eric Kilby

spider - big brownImage CC licensed by whiparound

spider - black orangeImage CC licensed by lovecatz

Spider - babiesImage CC licensed by Allen Gathman

spider - black hairyImage CC licensed by jessicafm

Feature image CC licensed by comunicati

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