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Spain Supplied With 75% Clean Energy On A Great Day In January

wind turbines – Spain

In Spain on January 6, clean energy was able to supply a record 75 percent of national power. What’s more, coal only made up 4 percent of overall power for that day.

Annual data from major Spanish power transmission company Red Electrica also confirmed that for the whole year of 2010, clean energy supplied 35 percent of all power. The country went well beyond its target of 30 percent of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2010.

Wind power alone supplied 16 percent of electricity, twice as much as coal on windy days. On very windy days, wind power reached to over half of national power needs.

In fact Spain has almost reached its goal of 35.5 percent renewable energy by 2020, nearly a decade ahead of schedule. In 2010, coal-fired power was lowered by 34 percent and gas-fired power was lowered by 17 percent, leading to a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, 22 gas projects have been canceled and renewables provide jobs for around 100,000 people.

It’s great to see a country making significant moves toward clean energy, resulting in much needed reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Spain is now well on the way to having the majority of its power supplied from renewable sources.

How is your country doing on the renewable energy front?

via EcoGeek, via Greenpeace
Image CC licensed by jsmjr

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