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Will New York City’s ‘Pouring On The Pounds’ Campaign Work? [Video]

pouring on the pounds

What do you think of New York City Health Department’s “Are you pouring on the pounds?” campaign? Do you think it will work?

The idea is to encourage New York City inhabitants to stop drinking so many sugary drinks throughout the day, every day. Posters are up around the city, including inside subway cars.

The ads attempt to make us think about how much sugar we drink a day, pointing out that just a few sugary drinks a day can add up to a LOT of sugar – nearly a hundred packets in fact.

Drinking that much sugar can of course have serious health consequences. New York City has a high rate of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The embedded video is one of the ads from the campaign. Do you think these hard hitting ads will work? Does it put you off drinking sugary drinks?

Via Food Politics

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