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Spain’s Spectacular Solar Towers [Video]

solar tower in Spain

Check out the spectacular solar tower technology Spain is now using for solar power. It’s the first commercial solar tower plant of its type, concentrating solar power (CSP), in the world.

No doubt it has contributed to Spain producing a significant 35% of power from renewable sources in 2010. Spain is already well on its way to producing the majority of its energy from renewable sources.

One of the benefits of this kind of power plant is that once it’s up and running, there are no fuel costs. Another benefit is that it can produce power at night when the sun isn’t shining. Excess heat from the day is stored in containers of molten salt. The power produced here is enough for about 200,000 homes.

As the video says, this kind of groundbreaking solar technology project has “become a model for the planet”. Indeed. There are many areas in the world where these could be deployed. Why are we not getting it done faster?!

Via Newton
Hat tip to Nick Evershed for pointing to this video.

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