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Earth Hour 2011: Going Beyond The Hour [Animated Video]

Earth Hour 2011

Below is fun, new stopmotion video from Earth Hour for the 2011 event.

Earth Hour is just around the corner now, next month at 8.30pm, Saturday 26 March all over the world. Since 2007, it has grown to become a massively popular event.

This year, as well as turning our lights off, we are being encouraged to go beyond the hour – to do more by taking action in our daily lives to benefit the planet.

We’re also being encouraged to share our stories, thoughts, ideas, images and video on beyondthehour.org. On the site, we are asked: “How will you go beyond the hour to help the Earth?”.

I think it’s a good thing that people are being encouraged to go beyond the largely symbolic action of turning lights off this year.

At this point, we are in fairly large doo-doo, with all sorts of nasty records continuing to be broken all over the world.

And as experts continue to point out, it’s going to take nothing less than fundamental worldwide change to turn things around. It’s going to take significant change on the part of individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to make it happen. The world is simply not doing enough or moving fast enough, yet.

Participating in Earth Hour, and then going beyond the hour to do more, is surely not a bad place to start?

Disclosure: I worked for Earth Hour Global in 2009.

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  • Anonymous

    Very good post! We also think that just switching the lights off on March 26, 2011 is not enough. In fact, it could be considered as a symbolic act, rather than real action…

    Let’s surpass ourselves. Let’s try to save energy on a daily basis for an entire year, that is until the Earth Hour 2012.Let’s spread the word around using the social media.

    Let us take action!

    Lagi.Plan (http://www.lagiplan.gr)

  • http://www.the9billion.com jjprojects

    Oh it’s most definitely a largely symbolic action – a kind of show of numbers as to how many people want action on climate change. I think symbolic actions are important, especially at the beginning of social movements, like this is going to need to be.

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  • Michelle


    I am just wondering when you mentioned that you worked for Earth Hour Global 2009, what did you actually do? I am interested to know about it :) Contribute in another way :)

  • http://www.the9billion.com jjprojects

    I was the social media manager for the Earth Hour Global team. Earth Hour has a lot of official social media profiles on different networks, and quite a few different social media projects going on around the world in different countries. It’s very open too, so of course anyone can use the brand to support the campaign in any way they choose. It was fun to be involved :)

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