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Global Warming Documentary From 1958! [Video Clip]

Unchained Goddess – Frank Capra

This short video clip is from a 1958 educational documentary on weather and climate, which describes human-caused global warming. The film is called ‘Unchained Goddess’ and was produced by Frank Capra, who also directed ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

The clip reveals that scientists have been researching global warming since at least the 1950s. As Andrew Revkin has pointed out, the basic idea of greenhouse gases driving global warming goes back more than a century, but the real number crunching started in the 1950s.

The program was produced for Bell Labs for their tv program ‘The Bell Telephone Hour’, and was made available free to school science classrooms across America. This was the fourth of four educational films produced by Bell Laboratories and directed by Frank Capra.

So the question remains: if we’ve known about global warming for so long, why have we done next to nothing about it until, well, not even now?

Hat tip to Christian Schwägerl for sharing this video.

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