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10 Spectacular Aurora Borealis Photos

aurora and moon over mountains

Thanks to the massive solar flare on Valentine’s Day, the biggest for years, experts have said that it’s likely there will be auroras (or northern lights) seen farther south than is usually the case.

Auroras occur when the sun blasts charged particles toward Earth. Below are some previous aurora images (some very recent) shot by people who have been in the very enviable position to do so. National Geographic has some images from the latest auroras, caused by the recent increase in solar ejection activity.

It must be an incredible experience to view this natural phenomenon firsthand – the natural world at its most beautiful and spectacular. Do these images make you want to see an aurora up close, cold though it may be where they are to be seen?

aurora swirl

aurora behind trees

aurora rainbow

aurora curtain

aurora beam

aurora curve

aurora above sea

aurora above cabin

aurora above house

Feature, image 1 CC licensed by well_lucio
Image 2 CC licensed by Beverly & Pack
Image 3 CC licensed by well_lucio
Image 4 CC licensed by well_lucio
Image 5 CC licensed by Billy Idle
Image 6 CC licensed by Ómar Smith
Image 7 CC licensed by nick_russill
Image 8 CC licensed by GuideGunnar – Artcic Norway
Image 9 CC licensed by Tanasha
Image 10 CC licensed by Tanasha

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