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Are You In Favor Of Clean Energy Incentives, Like Vast Majority Of US?

roof-mounted solar panels

This USA Today/Gallup poll is from January 2011. It shows that out of eight possible actions the US Congress could take in 2011, Americans are most in favor of an energy bill that would provide good incentives for using clean energy (83%).

Passing bills to overhaul the federal tax code (76%) and speeding up the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan (72%) came in second and third respectively.

gallup poll – clean energyAccording to Gallup, a smaller percentage of Americans, but still a significant majority (65%), are in favor of an energy bill that expands drilling and exploration for oil and gas. Personally, I find that hard to fathom in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster that unfolded for months before our very eyes, but there you go. Drill Baby Drill, Still?

This poll was conducted before President Obama’s State Of The Union Address, in which he touted a goal for the U.S. of producing 80 percent clean energy by 2035.  Incidentally, some technology pundits have suggested that 100% clean energy is achievable well within that time frame.

Gallup maintains that the results of the poll should be viewed as Americans’ support for or opposition to the basic idea of each policy, and not necessarily their backing of particular legislation Congress may pursue.

Also pointed out is the implication that there appears to be a case for a bill with bipartisan support that would provide incentives for increased use of clean energy.

Are you on board with the government providing incentives for using solar and other alternative energy sources this year? If you are not from the US, would you be happy to see that happening in your country, if it isn’t already?

Solar panels image CC licensed by mjmonty

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