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Parent Company Of Fox News Claims It’s Carbon Neutral Now

Rupert Murdoch – News Corp

The parent company of Fox News, News Corp, is now carbon neutral. Corporation founder Rupert Murdoch has announced the news in a letter to News Corp employees, The Huffington Post has revealed.

Fox News is the cable station most often accused of supporting climate change denial. Its presenters openly ridicule climate change mitigation efforts, and attack environmentalists and politicians for proposing various actions on climate change.

In the letter Murdoch noted that some of the corporation’s media assets have had a commitment to covering environmental threats. Unsurprisingly, Fox News was not mentioned there.

The News Corp founder also pointed out that, amongst other media content, Twentieth Century Fox’s films Avatar, the most successful film of all time, and Ice Age, prove that strong environmental messages can be realized in Hollywood blockbusters. He may have a point there.

The company has also been involved in actions such as the 2010 Avatar Home Tree initiative and employee One Degree initiative. Other significant creations he mentioned are National Geographic Channel programs such as Preserve Our Planet and Great Migrations.

News Corp has been working on becoming carbon neutral for three years. The company has taken such eco-friendly, not to mention cost saving measures as lighting refits, automatic PC shut-downs, and installing telepresence and videoconferencing technology to reduce the need for carbon intensive air travel. Murdoch mentioned that News Corp had saved millions on energy efficiency alone. The corporation’s UK operations now procure 100% of power from renewable sources.

Murdoch asserted that News Corp has “become carbon neutral across all of our global operations”, and that they are the first company of its kind to do so.

Below is a carbon neutral video from Fox News.

Via The Huffington Post
Image CC licensed by World Economic Forum

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