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Indonesia: Possibly The Rarest Mammal On Earth Videoed

Javan Rhino

Speaking of endangered species and the 6th mass species extinction (previous post), here’s a little bit of good news. WWF–Indonesia and Indonesia’s National Park Authority have managed to video possibly the rarest mammal on Earth: the Javan rhino.

The footage was obtained using a motion-activated video camera in Indonesia’s Ujung Kulon National Park. WWF has said that it’s “a huge boost to efforts to save the almost extinct species that is threatened by poaching, disease, and the possibility of a tsunami or volcanic eruption”, from a nearby volcano.

The recent videos prove that Javan rhinos are breeding in Ujung Kulon. WWF maintains that the Javan rhino is possibly the rarest mammal on Earth, with as few as 40 left. It’s extremely vulnerable to threats, including from poaching for its horn.

WWF has established an emergency fund to support the establishment of a Javan Rhino Study and Conservation Area, which can be directly donated to.

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