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Denny’s Bacon Ice Cream Sundae: April Fools’ Day Prank?

Bacon ice cream sundae

Please, someone tell me Denny’s bacon ice cream sundae promotion is some kind of elaborate April Fools’ Day prank?!

If not, the chain seems to be engaging in some sort of bacon-fest designed to try and shorten people’s lives. If it is to be believed, the chain is promoting “Baconalia”, which includes such delights as the bacon meatloaf, triple bacon sampler, and the aforementioned bacon ice cream sundae.

It’s no wonder Chef Jamie Oliver and his ongoing Food Revolution can’t believe it either. He must feel like he still has a LOT of work to do in the face of this kind of promotion of unhealthy eating.

I’m sure the City of New York won’t be too thrilled either, considering its Pouring On The Pounds campaign to try and educate New Yorkers on the health dangers of eating and drinking unhealthily. South Los Angeles probably won’t be that happy about it either.

Do you think people will buy bacon ice cream sundaes in big numbers, or is it more of a talking point? Hey look, I’ve talked about it.

If you haven’t viewed Jamie Oliver’s award winning TED Talk yet, I highly recommend it:

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