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Massive Growth Of Cities Over Decades [Satellite Photos]

Dubai in 2000

If you have any doubt whatsoever about the human population’s growing impact on the Earth and its systems, just check out these satellite images showing the growth of various cities around the world, over a relatively short period of time. Quite incredible.

Dubai 2010Dubai in 2010 (Dubai in 2000 above)

Las Vegas 1984Las Vegas in 1984

Las Vegas 2009Las Vegas in 2009

Chengdu 1990Chengdu in 1990

Chengdu 2000Chengdu in 2000

Cairo 1965Cairo in 1965

Cairo 1998Cairo in 1998

Jakarta 1976Jakarta in 1976 (6 million people)

Jakarta 2004Jakarta in 2004 (13 million people)

Images: NASA

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