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Aurora Borealis Captured On Time-Lapse Video From 30,000 Feet

aurora borealis

This 2 minute time-lapse video was shot on a flight between San Francisco and Paris, and includes amazing images of the aurora borealis or northern lights.

The photographer, Nate Bolt, says the images were captured roughly every 2 miles along the route.

Nate also said he had a whole row to himself and that it was nice of the Air France crew to allow him to set up a tripod to take the photos; not to mention people in the neighboring seats who had to put up with an SLR click every 30 seconds for the whole 11 hour flight!

The time-lapse contains 2,459 photos that have been stitched together to create the intriguing video.

Something tells me this won’t be the last time somebody attempts this kind of feat of photography. Great capture of the aurora borealis!

Aurora borealis image CC licensed by mrskyce

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