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Thousands Set To Protest At US Chamber Of Commerce On Fossil Fuels

Power Shift 2011

Just days before Earth Day, many thousands of young people are set to protest big polluters at a rally outside the US Chamber of Commerce, on Monday 18 April.

350.org’s website states that the rally is aimed at “shining a spotlight on the US Chamber and revealing it for what it really is: a front group for the fossil fuel industry.”

Protesters will be demanding that President Obama stands up for people, not the big polluting companies, and to take strong action on clean energy and climate change.

The rally comes at the conclusion of the Power Shift 2011 conference, where 10,000 youth leaders from across the U.S. got together to organize.

Speakers at the conference included Van Jones, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Al Gore, Lisa Jackson, and Bill McKibben.

I’m sure that this is some of what can be expected at the rally. This video is from a Power Shift 2011 shutdown of a BP station. It’s great to see young people mobilizing about these pressing issues. This is still how change begins: people power.

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