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Britain On Course For Hottest April On Record

Hot weather in London

Britain is on course for the hottest April since records began. The unseasonably warm weather has continued into the Easter weekend, with temperatures reaching above 26C (78.8F) in areas of the southeast. Almost continuously sunny days have been experienced since April 6.

Temperatures are expected to be cooler in Britain next week, leading up to the much anticipated royal wedding. Temperatures are expected to drop to around 17C on Tuesday. London is expected to be dry for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Even with the drop in temperatures, the month is still on course for the warmest on record, a forecaster at MeteoGroup UK has said. Apparently, there are 39 extreme weather records for Britain. None of the records are for March or April, and only two for the month of May.

April 16, 1949 was the hottest ever recorded Easter Saturday temperature. The temperature reached 29.4C (84.92F) in Camden Square. It remains an all-time record high for the month.

Image CC licensed by victoriapeckham

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