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Obama: Clean Energy Investment Is The Only Solution To High Gas Prices

Obama weekly address – clean energy

In his weekly address, speaking from a hybrid vehicle transmission company in Indiana, President Obama has stated the obvious: that U.S. investments and innovation in clean energy are the only solutions to high gas prices over the long term.

Obama has asserted that companies like the one he was speaking from, Allison Transmissions, will help to grow the economy, create new jobs, and make sure America “remains the most prosperous nation on Earth”.

The president maintained that clean energy is part of the ultimate solution to high gas prices, saying that,

The only way we can avoid being held hostage to the ups and downs of oil prices is if we reduce our dependence on oil. That means investing in clean, alternative sources of energy, like advanced biofuels and natural gas. And that means making cars and trucks and buses that use less oil.

Obama mentioned that other countries are going “all in” to invest in clean energy technologies and clean energy jobs, so American will have to compete for those technologies and jobs if it is to stay on top.

It’s certainly debatable whether natural gas should be counted as a true clean energy source, but it’s cleaner than oil. Biofuels too, are not without significant issues, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. Do you agree?

Below is a video of Obama’s weekly address, and a ‘Quick Facts’ infographic detailing the Obama Administration’s Energy Agenda in relation to gas prices. Here’s a full size version if you have trouble reading it.

Obama energy agenda gas - small

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