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Electric Cars: New Photos of Sleek-Looking Tesla Model S Alpha

Tesla Model S Alpha

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has released some new photos of its sleek looking Tesla Model S Alpha, after making a few subtle changes to the previous Model S prototype.

As autobloggreen points out, the latest design refinements make the car look a little more aggressive and angular compared to the more curvy previous version. The accent beneath the headlights and smaller vents above the front wheel wells certainly add to this.

Tesla Model S Alpha - June 2011

It has been revealed that Tesla Motors is planning to raise a further $234 million in a combination private placement and a follow-on share offering. The company plans to price the 5.3 million shares at $28.76 per share, which was the closing price for Tesla Motors shares on June 2. As I write this, they are trading at $30.13.

Tesla says its planning to use the new investment funds raised to make its third electric car, which will be an electric SUV called the Tesla Model X. The electric car company plans to release this Model S electric sedan in 2012.

Tesla Model S Alpha - June 2011

Additionally, Tesla is going to end production of its iconic Tesla Roadster at the end of this year, in order to concentrate on developing the potentially more mainstream Model S and Model X. The company has been working in partnership with Toyota on developing an electric version of Toyota’s popular RAV4 SUV, but the company says no final agreement has been entered into with Toyota as yet.

Do you like the look of the new Tesla Model S as it is today?

Images: Tesla Motors

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