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Krispy Kreme To Source Cage-Free Eggs

Krispy Kreme doughnuts

If you are an egg-laying hen working to lay eggs for Krispy Kreme, this will come as good news to you. The famous doughnut company has brought forward a plan to source cage-free eggs.

The company made an announcement last week that it will change its strategy and source cage-free eggs. This news has pleased the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States), which sent a representative last year to the annual meeting of Krispy Kreme to ask them to improve their food supply chain.

Krispy Kreme stock had been purchased by HSUS to motivate the doughnut company based in North Carolina to shift away from its existing egg suppliers, which lock-up hens in inhumane conditions, like battery cages.

Krispy Kreme at that time decided on buying cage-free eggs by 2012, but did not make a plan for it.

Will your guilty doughnut pleasures be less guilty, when hens are a bit more comfortable as they lay the eggs that go into your yummy doughnuts? Maybe, but it’s worth keeping in mind that cage-free does not exactly mean a highly comfortable life for hens, as their beaks may still be cut. But they do have more space to wander, and they can lay eggs in nests.

This is an upward trend that is picking up with other companies like Sara Lee, Kraft, and Barilla, as they also now use cage-free eggs. Some other North Carolina companies that source cage-free eggs are Compass Group, Golden Corral and Harris Teeter.

This move by Krispy Kreme should signal to more companies that ethical sourcing doesn’t just boost the company’s public image, but it is also positive for the bottom line.

So while you can perhaps feel a little less guilty about eating from Krispy Kreme, make sure you still keep an eye on those calories as you eat, because cage-free certainly doesn’t mean calorie free!

Via Triple Pundit
Image CC licensed by yaybiscuits123

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