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Heat Wave Sparks Record Temperatures In US

heat wave – June 2011

If you live anywhere in the United States you’ve undoubtedly experienced the effects of the heat wave we’ve had over the past few days.

Wednesday marked record temperatures for many states for this time of year, with five deaths reported in Tennessee, Wisconsin and Maryland. Families have been advised to check on elderly family members or those living alone to make sure they are safe and withstanding the heat.

The heat was so intense in southwest Michigan on Wednesday it actually buckled interstate pavement and forced a shutdown lasting several hours, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

Aside from the fact that your clothes are probably sticking to leather furniture and it’s impossible to breathe for 30 seconds after getting in the car, these extreme bursts of heat are unsurprisingly said to be linked to global climate change.

Stanford University analysts have concluded through climate computer model research that by mid-century, this unprecedented heat could actually become the norm, and the hottest summers of the 1900s will still be cooler than the “cool” summers in the next 100 years.

It seems that every couple of years we are hit with “shocking” temperatures and reports of record highs in places. The science is showing there is something behind it, and it’s not working in our favor.

If anything, this means we will have to kick our sustainability efforts up to 11 if we want to slow down the process of global warming.

However, if you really want to think optimistically, this summer’s extreme highs give you more reason to wear that previously mentioned solar powered bikini, if you can stand to be outside for very long.

Image CC licensed by RLHyde: Heat Wave Redux

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