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Mobile Baby Allows Ultrasound Images To Be Sent Via The Cloud

mobile baby

A new service called Mobile Baby by Great Connection aims to help expectant parents and doctors by sending ultrasounds and X-rays into the cloud.

The tool aims to help doctors perform remote diagnostics on expecting mothers. Almost all pregnancy clinics presently use disks or other physical media for the storage and sharing of images.

Clinics have to archive images for about 10 years, and it can be costly. Mobile Baby service helps pregnant women to share scans with various doctors. This service also helps in archiving data.

X-ray and ultrasound machines use proprietary image formats along with protocols that can be read by Great Connection’s software. The operator at the scanning machine initiates the video or image transfer directly from the machine to a cloud server.

Sensitive data, such as social security numbers, are eliminated from the content, and it is then encrypted and authenticated. These images and videos can be then be shared among mothers and doctors from the cloud server. The images can also be sent to phones through SMS or MMS.

There are many maternal clinics where doctors are not always present onsite. When a problem is found, midwives are not permitted to make a diagnosis. For such a case, Mobile Baby could be helpful, as images and videos can quickly be shared with doctors to help them make a remote analysis.

The technology of remote diagnosis has even more importance in developing countries such as Egypt. In Egypt, there is just one doctor for about 1900 people. This ratio is even lower for African and some Asian countries.

Mobile Baby service is provided in Egypt by the leading operator of the nation- Mobinil. It is going to be launched in Cairo initially, and hospitals and clinics will be later expanded across the country.

Though the service is launched with the intent of providing remote medical help in rural areas, using it to send good quality ultrasound images to your relatives and friend is a pretty nice idea too. What do you think?

Via Venture Beat
Image CC Licensed by Radio Macguys

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