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Solar Powered Bikini Charges Electronics While You Play In The Sun

solar powered bikini

Remember that time you were on the beach with your iPod jamming to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, while you danced in the sand alone and suddenly the battery ran out and your music stopped and it was like the most embarrassing thing ever?

No? Yea, that hasn’t happened to me either. Which is why I can’t see myself ever purchasing this solar powered bikini, but can completely understand why someone would.

Designed by Solar Coterie, the iDrink bikini transmits solar power to USB ports through photovoltaic film strips, where you can plug in your electronics while lounging on the beach.

At $200, it’s less expensive than your average designer bikini on the market. You can get it wet as long as you’re unplugged beforehand and dry before plugging anything back in. If you’re concerned about wearing enough energy to charge an iPad, don’t freak out just yet. At only 5 volts, it’s less than what you’d need to actually produce a shock.

There’s even a Mr. iDrink coming out for the guys, a set of swim trunks to keep your beer cool.

I’m thrilled to see such incredible displays of ingenuity out there regarding solar energy, something we all need to start taking into consideration. Creativity is the key to success, and whether a million of these sell or not, I love that this designer is thinking sustainably AND outside the box.

You know what? Maybe I am going to buy one. If I park myself on Venice Beach with a sign that says “charge your phone in my bottoms for $20,” I could quit my day job and make a killing off wearing a bikini all day. Seriously, tourists fall for anything if they can take a picture.

Don’t you even think of stealing this idea, I don’t want to have to compete corners with another charger gal.

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