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Vegan Black Metal Chef: Extreme Cooking Sensation [Video]

Vegan Black Metal Chef

Move over, Paula Deen.

The Vegan Black Metal Chef isn’t your average cooking show host. In fact, he’s about as opposite as it gets. Clad in leather, metal chainmail and black and white face paint, the cooking videos done by VBMC are set to the tune of black metal music while stirring up some delicious vegan foods – an even more unlikely assumption about someone dressed like they’re headed to a Black Sabbath concert.

This video for a vegan pad Thai dish has well and truly gone viral on YouTube. Social media hilarity ensued as a result of his unconventional get-up and the fact that he shops at farmer’s markets, uses truffle oil and stirs on a pentagram. His throaty snarl gives step-by-step directions, and you can’t help but giggle at the fact that he’s explaining the importance of the heat of Satan while delicately dicing tofu with a sword.

The posts on his website homepage offer insightful advice on cooking as well. He sounds like a pretty cool and laid back guy, with bits of information including “make your food focused and with a purpose…much like your life”, in a post about using too many ingredients. If you’re wondering what the big deal is about veganism anyway, check out his “Why Vegan?” page.

His next video is due to be released on YouTube within the week, so if you’d like to discover a delicious new recipe that’s healthy and free of animal products, check out his channel.

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