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Google’s Electric Car Program Expands [Video]

Nissan LEAF plug-in

Fat paychecks aren’t the only perk when you are working for Google. With Google’s electric car charging program, you can fuel your electric car for free. The search giant says it is also now the biggest electric vehicle (EV) charging station operator, with almost 200 installed chargers and 250 ordered.

The goal of the company is to have 5% of parking space furnished with EV chargers that will be free for all Googlers. According to Rolf Schreiber, the Technical Program Manager at Google Electric Transportation Unit, their charging systems have lured Googlers into buying electric cars.

The company is expanding the present charging infrastructure and has ordered new charge points that will be supplied by Coulomb Technologies. These charging points are networked and thus will allow users to find a free charge point using Google Maps.

This is all part of Google’s environmental sustainability program. The company started by purchasing Ford Escapes and Toyota Priuses in 2007. Google now plans to expand its ‘Gfleet’ to more than 30 vehicles, including purchasing plug-in Nissan LEAFs and Chevy Volts.

These Gfleet vehicles are made available to employees to help them move around the campus. With all the green auto initiatives created by the compnay, it is estimated that about 5400 metric tons of carbon dioxide is avoided each year.

Other green initiatives from Google include investments in wind and solar projects, and bets on green energy startups. Expanding the fleet and providing extra charging points is just part of the ongoing green campaign launched by the company.

This is another thoughtful step from Google. Let’s hope more large Internet companies join the green league.

Via CNet
Image CC licensed by Kevin Krejci

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