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Celebrate Summer Solstice With Plenty Of Outdoor Activity

Venice Beach sunset

The sun has slowly been creeping its way back into our lives (some of us have waited much longer than others, thanks a lot Michigan), and summer solstice is finally here.

Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, with the sun rising slightly earlier and setting slightly later each day. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re experiencing winter solstice right now.

The word “solstice” literally means “sun stands still,” so the summer solstice is the time for some of the most brilliant forms of solar power all year. The sun doesn’t literally “stand still,” but the term is used because it can be tracked in the same spots at the same hours of the day over the course of several days.

Take advantage of this beautiful time of year with a bike ride with your family, picnic on the beach or even some forest bathing. Protect your skin with some all-natural sunscreen and spend some extra time outdoors soaking in the vitamin D.

Brew a large container of tea by placing a jug on top of a mirror, filling it with cold water and tea bags and letting it sit in the sun for the day. Enjoy the sunset while sipping tea on your porch or balcony.

Change up your workout for the season by doing it outside. Many cities and parks offer outdoor yoga sessions, a class that makes you feel great all over and gives you an extra sweat while doing it outdoors. Fresh air, sunlight and natural surroundings improve your workout in an endless number of ways.

How do you plan on taking advantage of the beautiful weather this summer?

Feature image: Venice Beach, California

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