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Sticking To Bike Lanes Can Be Hazardous In NYC [Video]

bike lanes NYC

Casey Neistat got a $50 ticket for not riding his bike in a NYC bike lane. He was so incensed by the incident he made a video about it and put it on YouTube.

Casey points out that he tried to explain to the officer that bike lanes are is not always the safest places to ride. Hilarity ensues as he demonstrates (by doing his own stunts) how dangerous it is to always stick to the bike lanes in New York City.

He seems to have made his point quite well. The video has well and truly gone viral, with over 3 million views so far. No doubt he still had to pay the 50 bucks.

Do you think Casey makes a good point? Should the cops be ticketing the people blocking bike lanes, or the bike riders? On the other hand, I know some car drivers certainly have issues sharing lanes with bikes.

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