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It’s Official, Whining Is The Most Annoying Sound In The World

No whining sign

You don’t have to be a parent to get on board and agree with the results of these findings.

Two psychologists from SUNY and Clark University conducted a study putting men, women, parents and non-parents through a round of simple math problems, observing their concentration through a variety of irritating noises.

Even above heavy drilling, sirens, motherese (mom’s talking in a baby voice) and nails on a chalkboard, whining took the top spot for most annoying sound in the world.

Most doctors or other parents will tell you to ignore your child if he or she has a serious case of the whines, but those behind this study have also stated that whining is likely an evolutionary action of infants and toddlers, done to grab the attention of their parents or caregivers.

Understandable, but when there’s a 4 year old in the grocery store whining in the cereal aisle (children’s cereal and grown-up cereal should have 2 different aisles), I still find myself twitching and, well, maybe being a little whiny.

Turns out everyone is equally distracted by this sound, even parents don’t have some sort of super power tune-out method that allows them to focus better when a kid is whining. Does this give me a new respect for Mommy Bloggers? Well no, but I do think whining should be present on all condom advertisements.

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