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‘Sound Charge’ T-shirt Converts Loud Music Into Power To Charge Phones

Sound charge t-shirt

Remember that time you were at a concert playing Angry Birds, trying to record the song the band was playing and texting your friend simultaneously when suddenly your crappy phone battery died, leaving you stranded in the middle of everything? That never has to happen again if you’re wearing the “Sound Charge” t-shirt created by Orange, the British telecommunications firm. It was designed for the Glastonbury Festival, happening this weekend.

The shirt is a sound absorber, taking amplified acoustics and converting them into electricity that can charge your phone. In other words, you can spend the entire weekend at the festival without needing to find a plug even once. Talk it up all you want, although the guy on the phone at a concert usually isn’t the person anyone wants to be around.

I know what you’re thinking. After a weekend at a music festival you’re sweaty, dirty and covered in booze. Don’t fret! The piezoelectric film and electronics can easily be removed so you can safely throw the shirt in the wash.

This is yet another display of ingenuity that positively benefits all of us, going hand in hand with my career opportunity derived from the solar power bikini. Hang out at the concert all weekend and charge the drunks $20 to charge their phone. I mean, if they’re paying $14 for a beer they’ll likely fork over the cash for this, right?

The shirt generates approximately 6-watt hours of electricity, enough for two cell phones or one smartphone. The Orange and GoWind teams can be found at the Spirit of 71 stage at the festival, so go check them out and see what’s happening if you are heading to Glastonbury this year.

Sound charge t-shirt diagram

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