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Nevada Gives Green Light To Google Driverless Cars [Video]

Google driverless car

These days, search engine giant Google is into all kinds of different things. Google has been working on driverless cars that start, stop and steer without any human driver. According to the project leader Sebastian Thrun, this project is intended to prevent the ever-increasing number of road accidents and reduce carbon emissions.

No doubt you’ve seen robotic vehicles in science-fiction movies. Now imagine these vehicles cruising down Interstate 15. This scene will be a reality in the state of Nevada. Nevada has become the first state in the United States to approve a license that allows people to own and operate autonomous vehicles. These cars are equipped with cameras, artificial intelligence, GPS radars, and lasers.

Google has lobbied Nevada legislators hard to pass the bill. According to a Google lobbyist, Nevada offers a gamut of geographic opportunities along with a proactive business environment. Nevada lawmakers have drafted legislation that provides rules and regulations for Google’s fleet of autonomous cars.

Google’s driverless vehicles have logged 140,000 miles in California along with a trained driver and a software engineer on board. According to engineers, these robotic cars are more secure because they can react more promptly compared to humans. Robot drivers will not get distracted, intoxicated or sleepy.

Advocates of driverless cars argue that these vehicles will save gas, time, lives, and the environment. These vehicles are equipped with sensors which can detect the distance between cars and other vehicles. Google is attempting to revolutionize the automobile industry by using artificial intelligence in self-driving vehicles. It seems to be making good progress.

So if you want to use your gadgets while behind the wheel, then these driverless cars may be for you.

Image CC licensed by jurvetson: Google Robocar Racetrack Ride
Via cnet

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