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Heat Wave Hits US Yet Again: How To Keep Cool

Cat during a heat wave

It’s not the first time this year that a sweltering heat wave is taking over parts of the U.S.

Extreme heat advisories have been issued in 17 states throughout the South and Midwest. For more than 10 days in a row, Oklahoma City and Dallas will most likely experience temperatures over 100 degrees. If you’re thinking “oh shut up and go hang out at the pool”, many people don’t have that luxury due to swimming pools closing as a result of budget cuts.

The fact that it’s such a large portion of the US experiencing extreme temperatures is why this heat wave is so alarming. Humidity on the east coast makes 90 degree temperatures feel like 105 degrees, making it even more painful to spend just a few minutes outdoors.

If you’re experiencing extreme heat and finding it difficult to stay cool, or even comfortable, here are a few ways to stay cool without cranking your air conditioning.

Wet your hair along the hairline, allowing the evaporation to cool your head.

Wear a comfortable t shirt and wet the sleeves with lukewarm water, then sit in a room with a fan. The air will hit the water and cool you down.

Soak your feet in a bucket or tub of cold water. Remember the unbearably cold hose water your older siblings sprayed you with as a kid? A small amount in a bucket for your feet will cool down your entire body.

Close your blinds during the day to keep extra sunlight from pouring in, increasing the temperature.

Make a salad filled with foods that naturally cool your body. Watermelon, peaches, cucumbers and grapes are all loaded with hydration and will keep your body cool. Caffeine-free herbal iced tea provides hydration and antioxidants. Gaspacho, a cold tomato and cucumber soup, is a great dish to have along with a fresh fruit salad.

How do you keep cool without air conditioning?

Image CC licensed by Sugar Pond: Heat Wave

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