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LA’s Carmageddon: A Good Reason To Live Locally This Weekend

I-405 freeway in L.A.

Stop the presses! Stop. The. Presses!

How can you be sitting there right now, staring at your computer, calmly eating a bag of pretzels when California citizens are in the midst of Carmageddon this weekend? With the 405 freeway shutting down all weekend for construction, people are going to have to do things like walk. Or take public transport. Or take side streets. Or not drive for a weekend. Local living in LA, is it even possible?

Kidding aside, there are legitimate public safety issues coming into play with the weekend closure of the 405. According to the Associated Press, “The UCLA Health System placed advanced orders for medical supplies and food, even preparing 5,200 box lunches for staff, ahead of the shutdown. It has three helicopter companies on standby to transport patients and human organs in the event of emergency operations.”

This is all part of a $1 billion project to relieve traffic on the 405 by expanding it, so the stereotypical California traffic jam may have the chance to ease, at least on the 405. For commuters who have to use the 405, it will all be worth it in the end. However, between extreme temperatures, congestion and potential emergency issues, there are plenty of reasons for locals to be cautious of what’s going on and stay well clear.

If you’re in L.A. during Carmageddon, why not use this weekend as an excuse to stay home, live locally and keep your car parked in the driveway? Barbecue in the yard with the family, visit the nearest Farmer’s market, or go to the beach! Isn’t that what California is for anyway? I mean, unless you have to take the 405 to get to the beach.

Regardless, why not take this opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, localized and eco-friendly weekend? Take advantage of the opportunity to save gas and enjoy your own neighborhood. It will all be over before you know it.

Image CC licensed by biofriendly: traffic on the I-405 freeway, Los Angeles.

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