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Japan To Halt Beef Sales From Fukushima On Radiation Fears

Beef on sale in Japan

After the March earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan is now halting cattle shipments from the area because they are suspected of containing low level radiation, after consuming radioactive feed.

More than four months after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima began, radiation continues to escape from the facility. No deaths have officially been reported as a result, but eating tainted meat could have a severe impact on the health of consumers. Meat distributors across the country have already purchased some beef, and fear it may have reached consumers by now. Retailers are inspecting beef for contamination and taking precautions to protect consumers.

In the event that consumers have eaten beef affected by the radiation, they would likely be able to eat a few servings before their body is affected by it. Some vegetable crops near the Fukushima plant have also been noted as at risk for radiation, and sales have been halted as a result of it.

While farmers say they were not made aware that they needed to stop feeding their cattle food that was stored outside, they say they are taking proper precautions and feeding their cattle feed that has not been affected.

More than 15,500 people have died as a result of the two natural disasters affecting Japan over the past several months, with over 5,000 people still missing. Japan certainly has a long road to recovery, and the food industry is now taking a beating, too.

Via BBC and Guardian
Image CC licensed by tamakisono

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