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Bill Clinton Wants You To Paint Your Roof White

White roof – Walmart

Now that Former President Bill Clinton has spent some time out of office and in the shadows of his wife, he’s come up with an idea for jobs growth that also benefits the environment. The solution? Painting your roof white.

Tar roofs are currently covering millions of buildings across America, which absorb massive amounts of heat and require more air conditioning in order for those buildings to stay cool during the warmer months. Bill Clinton points out that Mayor Bloomberg of New York began a program to hire youth to paint roofs white, providing them with jobs that allowed them to advance into higher-skilled positions and gain experience related to energy efficiency.

Painting roofs white is the quickest, cheapest effort cities can make to quickly cut costs and save energy. It is estimated that many cities could recover the costs of labor and paint within just one week with the amount of money saved on air conditioning. On a hot day, a white roof could lower electricity use by as much as 20%.

Aside from the fact that this is such an inexpensive and simple solution, there is roughly a 20% unemployment rate in the construction field, so a large, city-wide opportunity such as this can put thousands of unemployed men and women to work. Even non-skilled workers who cannot find a job could help paint roofs. With the amount of people who will make a little extra income and the amount of financial and energy savings that will follow, why isn’t every roof in the world painted white?

Would you paint the roof of your house white to save on energy costs in the summer?

via The Atlantic
Image CC licensed by Walmart Stores: white roof and skylights on Walmart store.

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