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New Pill Found To Prevent H.I.V. Infection

In hopeful news, two new studies have shown that taking a daily pill containing anti- HIV drugs can actually prevent uninfected people from contracting HIV. The study was conducted with heterosexual couples in Africa who are at risk for contracting the virus. Findings indicate that taking one of these pills a day reduces the risk of contracting HIV by as much as three-quarters.

The pill is now being considered as a possible replacement for a potential vaccine as a way to prevent the spread if HIV and AIDS throughout the developing world. Health officials in the United States are researching how the drug could be used to prevent the increase of new infections.

Aside from the fact that this drug could help to largely prevent the spread of AIDS, there are said to be no significant side effects from taking the drug.

Blood samples are taken to make sure patients with a prescription are consistently taking the medication.

Over the next several months the drug could be making an appearance in some cities in the United States.

Via NYTimes and LATimes

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