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Ford Asks Facebook Friends To Vote On Ford Focus Electric Car Sounds

Ford Focus Electric

If you could give your car any sound in the world, what would it be? Space shuttle? Conventional engine? Stampede of horses? Now that a law has been passed to require all electric vehicles to make some sort of sound, Ford is taking to the social media masses to find out what kind of sound the Focus Focus Electric should make.

Hybrid and electric vehicles can pose a risk to children, the vision-impaired and pedestrians while the cars scoot down the street without making so much as a peep. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently composing regulations in regard to the quality of noise an electric or hybrid vehicle has to make.

Ford is taking to their Facebook page to ask fans what sounds they think would be best for the electric car to make. Fans are urged to say what they love and hate and make suggestions on any other ideas they may have. The four sounds resemble spaceship type sounds, but one is more of a conventional engine sound for those who prefer the classic gearhead noise of a vehicle.

Some electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf, only make artificially generated sounds when operating at a low speed, as the car naturally makes noise at a higher speed. The noises are most important when driving slowly through neighborhoods, parking lots and when backing out of a driveway.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a Ford Focus EV? Apparently it will be hitting the showroom floor in late 2011.

via cnet
Image CC licensed by mariordo59: Ford Focus Electric

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