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Jawbone Health Tracking Wristband Offers Help With Healthy Living

Jawbone UP bracelet

Jawbone has often developed innovative products for the mobile lifestyle. It is well-known for its line of Bluetooth headsets including ERA and ICON. It has introduced NoiseAssassin technology which is said by the company to be military-grade noise eliminating technology.

Jawbone is soon to launch a new device known as Jawbone UP, which promises digital and mobile help with healthy living. According to the company, the UP is functional jewelry which is similar to a bracelet or a wristband. The device is equipped with integrated sensors to monitor the movements, sleeping patterns and eating habits of the wearer. The system can also make recommendations to improve health.

According to the Center for Disease Control, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and various heart diseases cause more deaths than easily transferable diseases. In order to prevent these diseases, it’s helpful to identify root causes. According to the company, research shows that most of these diseases can be prevented by quality sleep, healthy eating habits and decent amount of regular physical activity.

With the UP, the company hopes to provide people with the benefit of monitoring and regulating daily activities. The device contains sophisticated sensor technology. It can monitor the activities of people 24/7 and it interacts directly with a smartphone app on iPhone or Android.

The UP is not alone in this emerging mobile health tracking market. Jawbone faces competition from the likes of BodyMedia, FitBit, Nike+, and DirectLife. The UP is expected to be launched around the end of 2011.

Would you consider using this kind of technology to monitor your lifestyle and health, or do you prefer to go it alone?

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