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Tesla Releases (Another) Video Sneak Peek At The Electric Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla has released an updated sneak preview video of its upcoming electric Model S prototype on the road.

Back in January, we posted a previous video showing the Tesla’s Model S (Alpha) sedan in action. Then in June, Tesla released some images of the sleek-looking updated prototype.

The Model S is expected to be the first premium all-electric sedan when it hits the U.S. auto market next year. The price of the sedan is expected to be set at $57,400, and it should qualify for federal and state incentives and car-pool lane permits.

Depending on the battery pack option, the Model S will be able to handle 160 to 300 miles per charge.

No doubt Tesla will be hoping to sell quite a few of these electric cars in the American market, as the company has just reported a net loss of $58.9 million or 60 cents per share. This compares with the loss of $38.5 million or $5.04 per-share for the previous year. However, revenue was up from $28.4 million to $58.2 million.

Tesla’s aim for this Model S sedan, which is expected to launch around the middle of 2012, is to move out of the decidedly niche market their initial electric Tesla Roadster occupied.

What are you thoughts on Model S, and do you think it will sell well?

Via LATimes

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