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BMW Reveals Two Electric Car Concepts

BMW i3 concept

Car manufacturer BMW has announced two new electric car concepts: the electric BMW i3 and the petrol-electric, hybrid BMW i8. With the introduction of these cars containing lithium ion batteries, BMW is in turn launching its new electric motor division: BMWi.

The BMW i3 and i8 are the first electric vehicles introduced by BMW. The production of these cars is expected to start in 2013, with some minor changes to their unveiled concepts. The BMW i3 (above) is a car which has been designed for the urban environment while the BMW i8 (below) is a powerful sports car.

The BMW i8 can go from 0 to 62mph in 4.6 seconds. The car contains a plug-in hybrid drive, sufficient for everyday journeys. For out-of-the-town drive routes the car is equipped with a high-performance three-liter petrol engine. The maximum speed of the electric i3, previously know as the Megacity Vehicle, will be a 93mph – more than sufficient for city driving.

What do you think of these two quite different concepts?

BMW i8 concept

More details at Autocar: BMW i3 and BMW i8

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