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NASA Satellite Discovers Salty Water Flowing On Mars

Mars Warm Season Flows

According to NASA, new observations have revealed flows of salt water on Mars, offering up even more of a chance that life does exist on the planet.

Water was first found on the Red Planet over 10 years ago, but scientists were under the impression that it was concentrated and frozen at the poles.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite has shown photos of finger-like dark features that extend down crater walls and slopes during the Martian summer, and fade off during the planet’s winter months. This is the best evidence so far that liquid water does exist on the planet.

Scientists believe that if there is water, it would be very salty and exist below the surface. They believe these conditions would be why it doesn’t freeze in frigid temperatures or evaporate in the low air pressure. The planet’s temperatures drop as low as 200 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The water found on the planet is thicker and flowing as more of a syrup rather than the streams and oceans we have on Earth.

There are organisms here on Earth that exist below the surface with little to no exposure to water or sunlight, and these findings suggest the same thing could be happening on Mars. Flowing water was found at seven locations on the planet, but more research has to be done before any additional findings can be revealed. It could lead to the discovery of active biological processes, and research to help us understand what other types of life exist throughout the universe.

Via Reuters
Feature image by NASA: Oblique view of warm season flows in Newton Crater on Mars.

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