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SmartBird: Humans Finally Replicate The Flight Of A Bird

SmartBird in flight

Humans have been trying to replicate the flight of a bird for a very long time, and it looks like some clever folks have finally figured it out.

SmartBird, a powerful, ultralight flight model with agility and impressive aerodynamics, has successfully deciphered and mimicked the flight of a bird.

Inspired by the Herring Gull, Festo created the SmartBird, which can take-off, fly and land with no extra drive mechanisms. The wings beat up and down and twist at certain angles, just like those of a bird.

If you’re wondering what the point of SmartBird is, it’s not a new remote control toy that will fly (yes, fly) off the shelves this Christmas. Festo claims the optimization and development of this product could well bring new innovations to hybrid drive technology, bringing us one more step away from a dependency on oil.

With a minimal amount of materials used for production and incredibly lightweight and aerodynamic construction, it also cuts down on energy consumption and the use of nonrenewable resources used for technological devices.

Festo focuses on the field of fluid dynamics, incorporating their technology into valves and cylinders. SmartBird has allowed them to optimize these products even further, running them more efficiently while conserving energy and using minimal resources.

SmartBird will undoubtedly branch out into more fields over the next several years, bringing its design and concept to a variety of technological industries. Less use of materials and more efficient energy usage could help pave the way for the next generation of engineering and design projects.

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