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Drought In U.S. South, Much Rain In The North And West (Sat Image)

US drought 2011

According to the National Climate Data Center, more of the U.S. was in exceptional drought  than in any other month in the past 12 years.

As previously reported, the worst of drought has been in Texas. Oklahoma, New Mexico and areas of Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska and Louisiana have also been hit hard. In fact, 26 out of the lower 48 states have experienced what is considered to be severe to extreme drought in July.

At the same time, around 33 percent of the U.S., mainly in the Northern Plains and in the West, experienced exceptionally rainy conditions in the month of July.

The above NASA image shows plant growth around the U.S. in July. The green parts of the image show above average plant growth, and the brown parts slow poor plant growth. The images was compiled from data from NASA’s Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer on one of its satellites.

The bad growing conditions for crops in the Southern Plains were exacerbated by the unusually hot and heat wave temperatures throughout most of the country. The conditions have been drying out soil and searing crops in Texas.

California, on the other hand, had its eighth rainest July on record. Other states to the north also experienced above average rainfall, as can been seen in the plant growth representation above.

The Climate Prediction Center is expecting the drought conditions to last until the end of October, or later.

Via NASA Earth Ovservatory

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