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Green Technologies Receive $400 Billion In Investments This Year Alone

Solar power plant

An uncertain global economy certainly hasn’t held global investors back from placing funds into beneficial green technologies. Since 2007, $2.4 trillion has been invested, a number up $400 billion from just 7 months ago. By the year 2020, renewable energy, energy efficiency and green construction could be on track to receive as much as $10 trillion in cumulative investments.

According to the latest update of the Green Transition Scorecard from Ethical Markets Media, $1 trillion per year in investments is an ideal benchmark. That level of funding would,

“ramp up material and energy efficiencies, reduce costs of wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable energy, increase sustainable land-use and forestry, and support smart infrastructure, transport, building and urban re-design to solidify the Green Transition worldwide.”

In order to hit this benchmark, investors must direct at least 10 percent of their portfolios toward green technologies in coming years.

Reports on global investments into green technologies are released every 6 months. View the August 2011 scoreboard here.

Via Greenbiz
Image CC licensed by Alex Lang: Solar thermal power plant

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