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Al Gore’s ’24 Hours Of Reality’ Launching Wednesday

24 Hours of Reality

Climate change activist and former US vice-president Al Gore will broadcast a presentation every hour for 24 hours this Wednesday to Thursday, in an attempt to convince climate change skeptics that extreme weather changes are a large indication that global warming is in full effect.

The 24 Hours of Reality campaign, starting at 7pm CT on September 14, is also asking people to hand over control of their Twitter and Facebook accounts for an entire day to help deliver the message Gore is looking to spread.

The campaign will consist of 200 new slides with arguments linking the connection between increasing amounts of extreme weather and climate change. There will also be a full-on assault on well funded climate change deniers (ok, NOW I’m excited).

Gore’s previous attempts to raise money for climate awareness have been highly criticized by deniers, particularly his 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which earned $49 million at the box office.

Believe it or not, as more information on climate change and the risks associated with it have become clearer, according to polls, concern in the United States has dropped since 2007 from 62% to 48%. The United States is the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, coming in next to China.

You can view the presentation and spread the word at http://climaterealityproject.org.

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