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Amazon To Offer Book Lending Service To Kindle Users

Kindle with books

Amazon is continuing to revolutionize the book publishing industry. The company is looking to offer a similar subscription service to Netflix, but with books rather than movies. Amazon is apparently looking into offering the new subscription service to Kindle users, who will pay an annual flat rate and choose from a wide selection of books to “rent out.”

The service will likely be offered through Amazon Prime, which is available for a $79 annual fee, providing two-day delivery on all purchases and access to online film and television shows on demand. That sounds like an unbeatable price if it stays the same even after this service is added on.

The traditional book industry is already headed into hot water, so there is understandably controversy over whether or not this will actually help or harm publishing companies. It is believed that Amazon is offering publishers a large fee as incentive for joining the service.

Netflix has proven to be a successful bump in the movie rental industry, so if Amazon follows a similar business model they could be in for a successful future. While some publishing executives believe this would downgrade the value of a book, digital books are already outselling print books on Amazon, so it may not have as much of a negative effect as some anticipate.

If Amazon comes out with a book lending service, will you be interested? Are you already using an e-reader or are you still stocking a bookshelf?

Via Telegraph
Image: Amazon.com, Inc.

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